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Amstrad Action

By Addictive Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #38


Garth is a naughty two headed monster with his mind set on the destruction of your home world. He lives inside a huge metal complex in the interior of an asteroid. Having arrived inside the asteroid you now have the simple task of killing Gailh and escaping from the asteroid.

The screen is split into two sections: a flick screen play area and an information panel. Included in the information panel are number of craft, object carried, laser power, acid level, shields and a three by-three grid of boxes (more of them later). If laser power is out, you can't fire and when your shields are gone you need to find a new craft.

There are three skill levels. Distributed throughout the complex are small flasks, which are initially empty, but which can be filled from the acid tank. If the flask is then dropped over a power unit, its corrosive properties eats into the unit and drain Garth of power. When all four units have been destroyed in this way you can hunt Garth down, shoot him and leave by the exit as fast as possible.

It sounds simple enough, but unfortunately the complex is protected by a security system. The system is twofold: it has nasty little droids who try to kill you, and there are sections of the base blocked off by electronic doors - which is where the nine boxes come in They control doors, air flow, laser refill points, teleporters and also release droids into the complex. The condition of the boxes is altered by landing on a security panel and pressing fire.

The graphics are colourful, but lack great detail. Sound is simple, but there's a pleasant tune on the title screen and during pause.

There are plenty of things to shoot and problems to solve. In some ways it reminds me of Dan Dare II, but it's nowhere near as good. At £3 it's a reasonable effort.

Second Opinion

"Not the most innovative game that's appeared this year, but on the other hand they're not asking £15 for it. I don't think for £3 you can expect to be excited to death, and with Metaplex you won't be.

Green Screen View


First Day Target Score

Destroy two power units.


Graphics 57%
P. Fast moving and colourful sprites.
N. Lacking in detail.

Sonics 64%
P. Great title tune.
N. Uninspiring effects.

Grab Factor 52%
N. Instructions are a little confusing.
N. Too easy to get your ship damaged.

Staying Power 63%
P. Huge complex to explore.
N. A game that demands to be mapped.

Overall 56%
Addictive should stick to strategy games.


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