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Merit Chemistry
By J&L Randall
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

Merit has long been producing chemistry sets for junior scientists. Now Merit and Cloud 9 software are producing a chemistry tutorial software package. The tape contains six programs, each of which requires much of the Spectrum's 48K of RAM. So in terms of bytes per £, this product appears to offer excellent value for money.

The first program is the introduction, which provides a general guide to the other five, and advertises Merit Chemistry sets. It is certainly to the advantage of the user to either have a chemistry set, or access to the booklets which come with them.

The general level of the information in the programs is around '0' level standard, but the programs could be suitable for younger scientists. Each program, on titrations, metals, reactions, gases, and electrochemistry offers several pages of text, followed by a simulation, games, or exercise. The titration simulation is good, allowing the user effective control of a burette, and good colour imitation of actual acid/base indicators.

The games, for example a metal 'space invader', are very simple, but, of course, the object is to educate while offering mild amusement. The answers to the metal 'space invader' game were not covered in the 'notes' provided, so a chemistry text book alongside the Spectrum is a must.

Overall, this set of programs was well designed, and provided a lot of useful information in an interesting manner.