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Home Computing Weekly

By Pal
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

Mazecube will intrigue you for a very long time! Contained in this program, which occupies both sides, are 24 3D cubes. On the six faces of each is a maze, varying in complexity. The choice is yours.

Your task is to negotiate your little man around the maze collecting money; £48 is spread about for the taking. As you take the cash, however, a gate appears behind you, preventing you using the same path again. Bank all £48 and you join the list of champions. And to bank the lot, you have to rotate the cube to walk over the other faces! Some very careful thinking is required.

This sounds quite easy, and it is, until you see all of the mazes! Some are fiendishly cunning, with money which must be collected, but no obvious path. The answer is to walk onto the neighbouring face, then walk back along a different path. There are even tunnels through the cube leading to the opposite face.

The program is certainly fast enough, and the graphics presentation very clever. Addictive and unusual, Mazecube is excellent value for money.


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