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Maurice Minor
By J. Morrison Micros
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

A racing car game for the Dragon. Your vehicle is disguised as an old Morris Minor. You have carelessly wandered into the middle of a Grand Prix race and now have to battle it out to the finish.

Steering to left or right is achieved with the right-hand joystick, and the fire button acts as the accelerator.

Standard Formula One cars are overtaking you, and if you use the throttle you can catch up and overtake them. Regularly-placed oil slicks ensure that you have very little chance of making the finishing line.

The game is endowed with six levels of play, from Sunday Driver upwards. But I found little difference between any of the levels - all were too difficult for me.

Graphics are reasonable, the sound of the engine is realistic enough and the game can be very fast and smooth.

But it does not grab the imagination and if you are looking for the Dragon equivalent of the famous Atari arcade game, Pole Position, forget it.

On the other hand, considering the quality and the price of a lot of Dragon software available now, it may not be such a bad buy.


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