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Matrix Marauders
By Psyclapse
Amiga 500

Published in Computer & Video Games #108

Matrix Marauders

Take to the Matrix with the aid of Psyclapse's latest release. Yes, it's another future sport that promises excitement, thrills and spills but doesn't quite deliver.

Psyclapse describe this as a "superfast 3D abstract computer racing game", and while it's certainly abstract it couldn't really be described as superfast, and while playing you get the feeling that it's more of a shoot-'em-up than a racing game.

Still, the presentation is faultless and there's a load of weaponry available, it's just that this isn't the unique experience the hype merchants would have us believe it is. Check it out by all means but don't get your hopes too high.


A so-so game design, spruced up with decent graphics and sonics.