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By Corona
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.05


This Maths program is concerned with the teaching of the Translation of triangles and quadrilaterals, on a progressive scale.

You start the program with a choice of speed that you wish the program to proceed at, it will then display a triangle, and a printed text, it will then plot another triangle, and tell you its translation from the first.

The program can be easily controlled to suit its application as at each section, the space bar needs to be depressed to continue on. First translations are in the positive X direction, then positive Y, then negative X, and so on right through triangles, and then onto quadrilaterals, and at each stage, a question is posted to the student to determine their understanding. It gives three attempts to give the correct answer, and if still wrong, will then tell you the correct answer.

At the end of each section, if the question marks were below 50%, then a revision sequence is begun with more questions; however, so as not to become stuck, the program will continue on, even if the marks were again under 50%.

I was very impressed with the clarity and choice of colours for the display, which proved to be very clear from a relatively long distance from a domestic television set.

The progressive course of this program would prove ideal for both class teaching, as well as individual teaching/revision studies.

Dave Reeder

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