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Home Computing Weekly

Maths Invaders
By Stell
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #45

At last, I can hear you yelling, something to make young Jimmy want to learn his table and number bonds. If it has Space Invaders in it, he's bound to want to play it.

Well, perhaps he might, but I somehow doubt it. The aim is certainly there, and the idea is basically sound, but the program is so slow and boring that it really doesn't have that extra appeal.

And remember that the Electron runs slower than the BBC - so the problem will be even greater on that machine!

The game has enough levels and choices to suit a number of ability levels, but the game format is identical in each case.

The alien ships come (slowly) down the screen towards you while you manoeuvre your craft to shoot them down.

To do so you must first 'prime' the gun by pressing the numbers which form the answer to the particular problem posed on the ship's pointed nose.

If all is well, you obliterate that ship and proceed to the next. This then repeats until the sheet is finished or an alien ship lands. A great idea but poorly implemented.


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