Matching Pairs
By Cases Computer Simulations
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #9

Matching Pairs

Another from the C.C.S. Charlie Charlie Sugar budget range. Basically a memory testing game. Matching pairs offers one or two players a grid of 24 squares arranged as a six by four board. In these squares 12 different colours will appear, randomly scattered, each colour repeated. The object is to look closely at the very short 'preview ' of the colours and then match up all the squares of matching colours.

After the 'preview' the colours vanish to be replaced by numbers. The player is asked to select a number and the colour of that square appears briefly. You must then enter the number of the square which is also the same colour.

There are five levels of patterns to be matched, each more complex than the last. The players' scores are calculated by pairs matched against the number of tries taken, but too low a score will prevent you entering the next level. C.C.S. say this game is a variation on the well known old favourite, Pelmanism. Never heard of it? Never mind.


Matching Pairs

Control keys: numeric input and ENTER
Joystick: unnecessary
Keyboard play: reasonable
Use of colour: quite nice variations
Graphics: extremely basic
Sound: reasonable tune, entry beeps
Skill levels: 5
Features: 2-player game

Comment 1

'Matching Pairs is okay but not exactly great fun. It really comes down to a test of memory (or luck)! But you can cheat to if you wish - note, if you type in a SPACE after typing in the match number, the computer will tell you the answer is correct! Generally I found this to be one of those have-a-few-goes- now-but-never again games. It left me in a take it or leave it frame of mind. I left it.'

Comment 2

'I think this game may offer the family hours of fun on one of those days when you 're fed up with speciality arcade game such as ... This game is definitely not fun for one player as it does tend to get boring and overwhelming after a bit.'

Comment 3

'Matching pairs has a limited appeal and might even be considered as an educational program almost. For the general games player it is tar too simple an idea to be playable for very long. At £1.99 it might just be worth considering, but at £2.99 it really isn't.'

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