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Computer Gamer

Masters Of The Universe
By U. S. Gold
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer Gamer #25

Masters Of The Universe

Anybody who has ever watched the TV programme or seen the Masters Of The Universe toys will know that Skeletor is pretty evil, so it comes as no real surprise to discover that he is still struggling to take over Eternia in this latest adventure from US Gold.

To help him in his struggle, he has developed an 'Earthquake' device. This allows him to control an army of Rockbuilders, huge boulder beasts who can tunnel through solid rock *and*, if that wasn't enough, can also regenerate after battle. As the game starts, they are burrowing their way beneath the Shadowlands, approaching the borders of Eternia.

You play the part of Adam, Prince of All Eternia, although you can change into your alter-ego, He-Man, as soon as you have the Sword of Power - your bedroom is a good place to start looking for it. A trip to the local hostelry may also pay dividends if you see someone you recognise, then it's onto battle with the creature of the moat or to discover how to escape from Evil-Lyn's spells.

The parser is reasonable and includes such commands as 'get all'. You can also save the game to RAM and - most useful if you turn out to benot quite the hero you thought you were, a BOM command. This allows you to go back one move - necessary if you have just come to an unfortunately premature end.

The highlight of the game is its graphics. Bright, colourful pictures that should appeal to all He-Man fans. However, if you are not an addict of the TV series you may find the storyline somewhat confusing: little niggles like the fact that you can only cross the moat in one direction when there is no obvious reason for not returning.

Masters fans will be keen on the game, but I don't think it will appeal to general adventure players.