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Home Computing Weekly

By Optima
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

Obviously intended for teachers, this database could do a valuable job if it fits your specification. Unfortunately it doesn't fit mine nor does it satisfy any of the other teachers to whom I have shown it. The main reason: its failure to accept more than one score per pupil, needed in most subjects where there may be more than one assessment criteria. For example, English where language and literature scores may need to be combined to find an average.

In the program's favour is its vast capacity, being able to accept the results of a full year group at one go. Another good point is the range of mathematical functions built in, including the ability to calculate the percentage score for the pupil (from the raw score) and calculation of the standard deviation of each group as well as the whole year.

Another good feature is the 'zeroing' facility, eliminating the need to re-type all the names for a different subject's scores. Overall, the program has a great deal to offer but could have been so much better if extended. Also, available on disc at £10.95.


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