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Home Computing Weekly

Magic Stone
By Audiogenic
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #97

One of the most noticeable aspects of this program is its unbelievably long loading time. Of course, with the common usage of turbo-loads, a non-turbo game sticks out now like a sore thumb.

Once it's up and running you're greeted by a quite competent program. The author has elected to use redefined graphics and sprites to generate pictures rather than high resolution. This has been done well and any weakness is made up for by the instantaneous appearance of pictures.

The idea is to search a haunted mansion for a magic stone, apparently a precursor to the transmutation of gold. The normal two-word type of parser is used.

My main moan is with the standard of responses to error. Phrases such as "Bad Action" or "Bad Solution" simply aren't good enough. Additionally, objects shown in the picturs often aren't recognised by the interpreter. Most odd!!

On the whole, an above average game which responds rapidly and is fairly testing. Newcomers to adventures should certainly give it a try.


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