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Home Computing Weekly

Magic Mushrooms
By Acornsoft
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

From the start, there is little doubt that this game is a ladder and levels clone.

The hero is a small gent with a hooked nose named Murphy. He seems to be hooked on a diet of rather nasty looking toadstools, described in the documentation as mushrooms. They look more like Death Caps to me and I cannot applaud Acorn for encouraging children to believe that such growths are edible.

Having said that, the graphics are very attractive indeed and although the monsters have a look of previous games the whole screen is very bright and colourful. So what is there to make this game any different?

The answer is that you can customise each game to your own desires. There is a full screen design and editing facility built into the program. You can modify existing screens, create new ones from scratch, test screens to see if they are playable and then save your creations to cassette or disc for re-use later.

I say this with my tongue in my cheek, this facility is certainly provided but when I tried to make use of it the program crashed and had to be re-loaded. I cannot this being a major problem and I feel sure that by the time you read this Acornsoft will have solved the difficulty.

Whilst this is one of the most visually attractive games that I have seen this year I still feel that it is a little outdated.