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Home Computing Weekly

By Gamma
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #84

Who sabotaged the Madhatter? There's party food thrown on the floor, vacuum cleaners running riot, sucking up anything in range, and mice eating everything they can lay their paws on.

You have to help him get tidy before the guests arrive, but it's not easy. Contact with mice, poison or Hoovers loses one of three lives. Your control over Madhatter is affected by the vacuum pull and you must pick up 10 sweets before getting a Swiss roll.

Touching the plug will turn the Hoovers off for a short period and a bonus life is given at level 4. Graphics, colour and sound are nice, keyboard keys comfortable and Kempston is available.

Spelling errors in the "instructions" mar an otherwise well organised program. The game is fast but I could not detect much difference between speeds 1 and 4.

With only three lives, the game at novice level is over too soon. An optional practice level, with more lives and less speed, or a wider differentation of speed levels is desirable. One for the fast-fingered brigade.


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