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ZX Computing

Mad Nurse
By Firebird
Spectrum 48K/Plus

Published in ZX Computing #37

Mad Nurse

Definitely a game for the dubious taste department. Set in a hospital that's severely understaffed, you play none other than Mad Nurse herself as she tries to stop kamikaze squads of babies coming to harm by swigging down medicine, sticking their fingers in light sockets or crawling to the end of the corridor and plummeting down the lift shaft. You score points by picking up babies and placing them back in their cots. Some babies immediately rebound back onto the floor like gymnasts.

Each level consists of three floors of the hospital and the babies crawl from left to right towards the dreaded lift shaft. The lift connects all the floors and your major decision is spotting which floor is about to become a potential disaster area. Unlike NHS nurses you are provided with 'stun gas' which pauses the screen when things get hectic allowing you time to think out your next life-saving move.

The graphics are surprisingly good and if your sense of humour stretches to seeing the funny side of the game, you could well enjoy this one. As a game in itself without the babies in jeopardy idea, Mad Nurse would be a little lacking in the action department but when you see those babies heading for the open lift shaft it's difficult not to press the stun gas button and save them. A budget oddity.