Home Computing Weekly

Mad Doctor

Author: M.N.
Publisher: Creative Sparks
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #125

Dr. Blockenspiel, commonly known as the Mad Doctor, has a great ambition: he means to create a monster and bring it to life. He intends to obtain the parts for his creation from the village of Studelberg the dwellings, the village centre and the graveyard are all good hunting grounds. As he wanders around the village, he inspects everyone he meets, selecting the head, body, arms and legs he will use, and also keeps a look out for other necessary items such as the bolt which will hold the parts together and the metal kite which will attract lightning to bring the monster to life.

This is a very gory scenario for an adventure. Killing villagers and digging up corpses is really not my idea of fun, and a distaste for the idea prejudiced me against the game before I had even started to play it. However, I have to admit that though the storyline is revolting, it has been well executed.

The 3D animated graphics are quite impressive, and the joystick control, with the options being selected from a panel at the bottom of the screen, works well. As you only have to choose between the options listed instead of having to work out for yourself what commands are available, this is rather easier than most text adventures. I did not, however, succeed in bringing a monster to life because the program kept crashing halfway through the process.

> I do hope the programmer will find less bloodthirsty outlets for his undoubted talents in the future.


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