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Macadam Bumper
By Players
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #57

Macadam Bumper

If dodgy pinball sims are your bag, then Macadam Bumper could be just your ticket, cos spookily enough, pinball's exactly what this little trolly's about. Of course, it's all been done before (and with knobs on) but as a pinball sim it serves its purpose, so I suppose we can't complain. This one sneakily pretends to be like the real thing, making you press a key to 'insert a coin' to start and allowing you to cheat by jolting either side of the imaginary table so the ball'll go all wobbly!

It's also got this kooky little editor jobby which allows you to design your own layout and things - perfect for whiling away those long, cold, winter nights. Hmmm, but what to say next, eh? Well the game itself isn't that thrilling (i.e. it's a bit crap to be honest), but designing your own courses and whatnot does liven things up a bit, so if this sort of thing appeals to you, get out your coppers and get buying!

Rich Pelley

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