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Macadam Bumper

Published in Home Computing Weekly #131

Macadam Bumper

This enigmatic title conceals a full scale simulation of a pinball machine, and I groaned inwardly when I started to load it. How boring! I was wrong ...

Mode 1 graphics are used, and the resultant screen features a finely drawn, if visually weedy table to the right, whilst on the left, the "back" of the machine, with all its scoring paraphernalia together with an excessively voluptuous femaleperson. You have all the facilities you would expect from a real table, plus the ability to fetch it an almighty clout - which is "illegal" - in order to guide the ball.

Up to four players are catered for, and lights flash, bells ring, and music plays in true pin table style. The author has clearly attempted authenticity in features offered, and as a result, some of them are so small, they're hard to see. What's great, however, is the movement of the ball and nippers. True; there's the odd clicker, but the ball really moves "like a ball, quick and true, the nippers nip instantly. The whole table responds like the real thing. I was well and truly hooked and played for hours. But there's more!

You also have the facility to redesign the table from scratch, and tailor the response of the bumpers, pockets and nippers, then save it to tape. When you try, you'll realise what skill went into the standard one! Very absorbing fun; Commodore owners have to pay almost twice this price. Spectrum version on the flipside.


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