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M Coder
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #28

One of the few genuine compilers for the Spectrum, this program is loaded into the computer where it sits at address 60,000 onwards. Type in or load another program, call M Coder and hey presto, a machine code version of your program!

"Oh yes" you say, "you don't get something for nothing". Well, you do have to select your BASIC keywords carefully - a few don't operate and some perform differently with M Coder. You can only work in integers, have one dimensional numerical arrays and no string arrays. There are a few other limitations but nothing that a resourceful programmer can't get around.

Although comparatively inefficient (to dedicated code) a speed increase from 10 to 100 times the original can be obtained - a BASIC game I M Coded went from boring to unplayable, and delays had to be introduced!

You can also compile and save code in parts, so a suite of M/Code subroutines is feasible. The program instructions are supplied on a lea net and are concise, but expect the user to be familiar with Basic.

I found the program easy to use and wonder how I got on without it.


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