Lords Of Chaos
By Blade
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #76

Lords of Chaos

If you liked Laser Squad you'll probably love this because it's from the same programming team. But rather than take us to the future, Lords of Chaos moves to a mystical land where Arch Mages rule and poverty, war and plague are unheard of.

Sadly the Old World suffers from a build-up of magical energy, Manna, causing many unpleasant changes: strange beasts evolve from normally harmless pets, the dead rise from their graves and other unspeakable things occur.

The populace turn on the Mages, who are trying to find the cause. The cause of calamity seems to be a break in the fabric of reality. The Mages form magic portals, but those who've entered rarely exit.

Lords of Chaos

Revolution takes its toll, the Old World is torn apart by earthquakes, and the Mages survive only by the use of magic spells. Luckily new worlds are created, and the Mages use the portals to move around. They don't live in peace, and are always at each others' throats trying to become rulers of the new worlds: Lords of Chaos.

Up to four players can take part: each plays a Mage who tries to eliminate the other Mages through a portal. Each player takes it in turn to make their move. Magic plays a big part in the game and is most useful to destroy attacking creatures, though more earthly weapons can be found and used. Creatures can be summoned: useful to cross water, or if they can fly, to reach inaccessible places. All decisions are made by using the on-screen menus. As in Laser Squad, it would take too long to explain all the ins and outs - suffice to say the manual gives the player plenty to read. The game has three scenarios, and further data programs are planned, so Lords of Chaos is big.

I liked Laser Squad, and budding and hard core strategists should love this. It has the same sort of feel as Laser Squad, and indeed the same type of graphical detail. Reviews rarely do justice to games as complex as this. Just take my word: it's worth looking out for.

MARK ... 85%

Nick ... 75%

'Lords of Chaos will please all fans of Laser Squad and strategy games because it's more of the same. Lords of Chaos has a really good story line, and the graphics are the best I've seen on a strategy game for a long time. The full colour sprites and backgrounds are excellently drawn, and the world you explore is full of interesting things, like an animated marsh land, forests to hide in and castles to keep your player safe. If you take the time to involve yourself, you'll be rewarded. The game is a real challenge and promises hours of enjoyment.'

Mark CaswellNick Roberts

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