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Lord Harry And Lady Harriet
By Lotus-Soft
Spectrum 16K

Published in Personal Computer Games #6

Lord Harriet And Lady Harriet

For those who find Pac-Man or Horace just too vulgar for words, this aristocratic variation could provide welcome relief.

The game has an amusing scenario which is matched by pleasant graphics and smooth animation.

A certain Lord Harry has been spending the weekend with his old school chum Dennis. An excessive consumption of claret has led the drunken lord to take a nap in the park on Sunday night. Now it's Monday morning and Harry has to get to the House of Lords for an important debate on home brewing.

This park, though, is contusing. It has four sections, each with four gates. Two vicious guard dogs roam this maze, looking for upper-class meat. Scattered throughout the gardens are mushrooms which Harry must eat to maintain his energy. Pools of water are also a mortal danger to the inebriated peer.

The game begins with a title-page display of a dapper Harry with his top-hat, opera cloak and cane. In the actual game the hat is flattened and Harry is an altogether more down-at-heel figure.

Harry jogs around the gardens eating the mushrooms and hoping to find the poisoned one which will reveal the whereabouts of the secret exit. Until he does, he must dodge the green trees, avoid the ponds and run from the dogs.

Movement is very smooth and the graphics, without being spectacular, are pretty and colourful. A bonus is that if you don't want to be a male you can have a sex-change merely by turning over the tape: Lord Harry is transformed into Lady Harriet!


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