Lord Harry And Lady Harriet
By Lotus-Soft
Spectrum 16K

Published in Crash #1

Lord Harry

Non-sexist games are becoming the rage it seems, although none of us could make up our minds whether having a side for men and a side for women makes a game non-sexist. In any case, Lord Harry has had a spot too much to drink whilst staying the night at his old school chum's house, and now he wakes up in the morning a little the worse for wear and trying to find a way out of the four ornate gardens. Should you feel strongly about it you can load the other side of the tape and hey-presto, it's Lady Harriet who finds herself in the identical situation.

THIS IS WHAT YOU DO Using the four directional keys, Lord Harry walks, or rather trots, round the garden eating mushrooms to keep up his strength. The garden has four gates, each of which leads into one of the other three gardens. They each have a different layout.

He can't go through the trees or hedges, and there are numerous pools of water dotted about in which you lose a life if you hit them. In addition two guard dogs are on the prowl, trying to pick up his scent, and finally in one of the gardens is a poisonous mushroom. The instructions say that if you eat it you have 99 seconds to find the exit, which should be flashing, although none of us saw a flashing gate.

To make life difficult, the inebriated Lord keeps on the move once you have pressed a key, so he can be damned difficult to control in a tight spot and Lady Harriet has the same sense of aristocratic dash about her.

GENERAL The keyboard positions are well laid out, with left/right on alternate keys of the bottom row, down is all keys on the second row, and up all the keys on the third row. 1 starts a game, 3 and 4 hold and restart, 0 quits.


Keyboard positions: well laid out
Joystick options: none - needs programmable joystick
Keyboard play: made difficult because of the constant movement but very responsive
Use of colour: very good
Sound: continuous but average
Skill levels: one
Lives: five

Comment 1

'This game has the same instant visual attractions as Hungry Horace, but the lack of skill levels, or increasingly difficult mazes, limits its addictivity a little.'

Comment 3

'More of a frustrating game than anything else, and one f or those with nimble fingers.'

'I get the feeling that this is aimed more at younger children than the hardened arcade addict, and at that level it is attractive, and reasonably difficult to play.'

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