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Home Computing Weekly

Look Sharp
By Mirrorsoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #82

This educational package consists of two separate series of games, using the same ideas differently, so as to appeal to a very wide age range.

On side one is "Old Macdonald's Farm" which starts with the menu, asking for your choice of three games... memory, snap or odd one out. This is nicely illustrated using a hillbilly farmer and nursery animals whilst a tolerable rendition of Old Macdonald's Farm is played. The games are the standard card types but are well thought out.

If there is a fault, and it is a minor one, it is that on a black and white TV, some animals are difficult to see clearly. (One day programmers will realise not all of us have colour sets and will include a black/white mode.)

This doesn't detract from the overall appeal for the younger child.

The other side holds SORT (Space Observer Recruitment Test), with the same format as side one but using space shapes. This is much more difficult. It's aim is to test your ability to be a space pilot. You can practise before taking the final test. This proved to be quite difficult.

Overall, both sides of this tape give good value.