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Look Sharp
By Mirrorsoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #44

Look Sharp!

Written by a head teacher, the two programs in this package are aimed at sharpening observation skills and visual memory.

The first, Old MacDonald's Farm, contains three simple games. Memory challenges the player to reconstruct a farmyard scene from memory; Odd-One- Out tests observation with a spot-the-difference game, and Snap is the old favourite for one or two players.

Look Sharp's second main program, S.O.R.T (standing for Space Observer Recruitment Test), measures the player's readiness for a space mission to the Spiral Galaxy. After some practice SORTs, SORT 1 tests visual perception: two columns each made up of three picture elements appear on the screen and the player must spot when elements match. The next SORT deals with visual discrimination This time, six versions of the same picture are shown, one slightly different from the others - the player has to pick the odd one out. The pictures are quite small with lots of detail, so it's not an easy task.

And the final SORT tests visual memory - I discovered mine isn't very good' A picture with nine different elements is shown, and when it vanishes the player has to reconstruct the picture from memory, putting each element in the right place.

Keyboard play: fast, but single-key commands make it ideal for very young children Graphics: very nice indeed

Rosetta McLeod

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