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By BBCSoft/BBC Publications

Published in A&B Computing 2.06


You are given two options in this game, the first is described as an adventure and the other as an arcade game. I was rather sceptical about the fact that an adventure game and an arcade game could be fitted into the meagre memory of the Beeb simultaneously and it became clear that the games are, in fact, remarkably similar. In adventure mode, you have to control a little train through fifty screens of railway tracks, collecting gold, avoiding banditos, and switch tracks as necessary and refuel whenever possible. By coupling onto carriages which are dotted about the fifty screens, you may claim points (depending on the contents of that carriage). Bonus points are awarded for taking them back to the bank.

In the second game - arcade mode - you are in control of the same train except that this time you cannot control the speed and you cannot stop! You have to switch tracks to avoid derailing. Unfortunately, this is rather tedious.

The graphics in this game aren't particularly good and the sound effects could have been far better. Also, the second option is totally pointless and should not have been included. The first option, however, is rather fun and may appeal to those fed up with second class shoot-'em-ups.

Shingo Sugiura

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