Little Puff

Publisher: Cartoon Time
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #64

Little Puff

Puff the dragon is sad. Why? Have his parents been tragically killed in a car accident? Has his girlfriend got an egg in the oven? No, he's lost his ticket to Dragonland.

Some nasty thug ripped it up and scattered the four pieces throughout the countryside (well, the flick-screen play area anyway). So, Puff goes looking for the bits.

Deceptively cute nasties must be avoided or jumped over - it they collide with Puff they remove his only life! Other hazards include pits with deadly spikes at the bottom and falling coconuts. Various objects can be picked up to help Puff, including a life buoy to get Puff across a stretch of water. Puff can even pick up a potion to allow him to breathe fire, though the only time he flies is on dying when he turns into an angel!

Sadly, it's all too simple to be of much interest. There are some puzzles but their lack of complexity is compensated for by the single life - very frustrating. The graphics are Spectrum-esque and dull (the two usually go together!) and sound is minimal. All in all, it tends to drag on.