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Amstrad Action

Little Puff
By Cartoon Time
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #57

Little Puff

Little Puff's Mum told him not to wonder too far, but he wandered and wandered until he wandered out of Dragon Land altogether. Silly Puff. Little Puff has sense enough to come back again, but only to find his way was blocked by a mean guard who wanted a pass to allow him to continue (cute or what?). It's your job to help Puff the baby dragon find all four pieces of the pass so he can return to Dragon Land and his mum. At first you cannot even breath fire, not being an adult dragon., and so you have to find a special potion.

Life isn't easy for young Puff. He can't even fly (what, a dragon that can't fly? and he still has problems after he has the magic fire-breathing potion. His inflammable exhalations have little effect against the local animals, and don't seem to be much use. The main problem with not being able to kill the little creepies you come across is the fact that even the smallest worm will kill - a major problem when you've only got one life.

This is the same sort of game as the eggcellent Dizzy series [Oh no, not again! - Ed]. You have to explore your surroundings, collect items and solve puzzles. The game should appeal to all Dizzy fans as it's very easy to play, and is ever so cute - and youngsters will love it.

The graphics are nothing to go mad about. They are drawn well but are obviously a straight Speccy port. Sound is very limited, with just a few good in-game spot effects and a short tune on the title page.

Some puzzles are very easy, but others at first seem downright impossible. But all that puzzles are well thought-out and should be solvable eventually.

Second Opinion

Dizzy all over again, but without the originality. Good fun for kids, but tedious for the older games player.

First Day Target Score

Get 2,200 points.


Graphics 68%
N. Speccy port.
P. Well-drawn graphics.

Sonics 45%
N. Only a few good spot effects.
P. OK title tune.

Grab Factor 89%
P. Easy to start.

Staying Power 79%
N. Some hard puzzles.
P. And some that are too easy.

Overall 73%
Treasure Island Little Puff?

Jonathan Nurse

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