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Light Cycle
Oric 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #32

The object of this game is to ride your laser cycle around the game grid, leaving in your wake a solid laser wall.

Your opponent, human or computer, also leaves a similar wall, and if either of you hit any object on the grid then you "Derez", giving a very spectacular display.

The whole program is very well presented, giving that all important arcade quality.

There is plenty of sound, impressive graphics, a hall of fame and, most usefully, an adjustable volume control. This last feature is one I hope to see on all new Oric games, especially in view of the Oric's rather loud sound!

Instructions are clear and concise, and the control keys (up, down, left, right and power boost) are well positioned for both players, or for player against computer.

The game itself has good graphics, and on the highest of its nine skill levels is very fast indeed. It is very addictive, and one of the few arcade action games that can be played by more than one person.

All in all, a game that offers very good, all round value for money.


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