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Lift Off With Numbers
By Shiva
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

This is the first package of a major project of software publishing called The First Maths Programme. All together there will be 11 software packages on numeracy and logic aimed at children aged five to eight.

The claim is that the whole scheme is carefully graded to provide a thorough grounding in skills required to become numerate. For this reason, it is hard to decide whether a particular pack has contributed, but I do assure you that the ideas and contents of this package can certainly do no harm, especially if used in a supportive and careful way.

Each of the packs comprises five or more progams and this contains the following: Washing teaches one-to-one correspondence and sorting into colour and shape sets, Cakes brings concept of cardinality while Rockets has an ordinal component.

Bingo involves recognition of numbers 1-6 and Ladybirds the numbers bonds to 10 as well as ordinal and cardinal concepts.

In all this is the beginning of a well-planned set of programs for young children just starting to get to grips with numbers. Documentation is very good with plenty of extra activities suggested too.

The price is a little too high.


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