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Les Flics
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer Games #10

Les Flics

First, a French lesson. Les Flics translates into English as "The Cops". So why not just call it that, you might well ask. The reason is that the game is based on the Pink Panther films in which Peter Sellers played Inspector Clouseau, whose English was as inept as his detection.

You play the part of the Pink Panther who wants to steal the Purple Puma, a priceless gemstone. Steadfast in their attempt to foil you are Inspector Cleuseau and his trusty gendarmes.

The game begins with a maze-chase sequence in which you have to escape from the pursuing squad car and enter one of the nine rooms containing various objects to help you in your crime.

Most of the rooms are a combination of levels, lifts and greasy poles. Objects to collect include a key, a bag, a disguise, money and a very useful dagger for disabling the gendarmes.

Once the Pink Panther has collected an object, he has to escape from the room, get back in the car and speed off to another one.

Eventually he will have enough equipment to enter the room where the Purple Puma is kept. It's not easy for him to get his paws on it though, because the room is swarming with gendarmes sporting their stylish kepis.

Players will find themselves confronted many a time with the message: 'You have been sentenced to life imprisonment in the Bastille' - a bit odd considering that the Bastille was destroyed in 1789. Much worse is hearing a horrible version of the Pink Panther theme-tune every time you are caught.

However, the game is good fun and will take some time to solve. Animation and graphics are good, but perhaps nine rooms is a little skimpy when compared to what some software houses manage to cram into a Spectrum.


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