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Leisure Suit Larry 3
By Activision
Archimedes A3000

Published in The Micro User 8.06

Tropical adventures

It was 1987 when a superstar burst on the world. You may have missed his debut but the Archimedes' PC emulator gives you the ideal opportunity to make his acquaintance. Believe me when I say that Larry has become something of a legend. Born of the Reagan years and yuppie superiority, Larry Laffer is a phenomenon.

Firstly picture the archetypal medallion man. Add even more fake tan and some large teeth, then subtract tact, subtlety and care for your fellow human beings.

You now have our hero. Progressing from his first appearance in Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards to his adventures in Looking for Love, he is now living on the island of Nontoonyt.

Is this game crude, is it chauvinistic? You bet, but most of all it is very funny. And as an adventure it is challenging, interesting, graphic and humorous. If you have already played Larry I and II, you don't need converting to its merits.

As with all Sierra games, the packaging is detailed and informative - not to mention important if you wish to succeed. First, though, you have to deal with the protection. This is not to check that you've got a pukka copy, but that you are of an age to play.

Well, how many of you know what the Andy Griffith show is? Get that one right from the over 18 range, and you can play at the Pretty Dirty Level. Easier to access is the 25+ age group. The questions are risque, and correct/witty answers will allow you toplay the Rather Risque Level.

If your sensibilities are not up to this, you can make informed guesses on a lower level, get a lot wrong and still play the game.

Larry's designer Al Lowe got his inspiration while on holiday in Mexico. "Some of the things that happened - the mad rush to the airline ticket counter, a really terrible plane ride, a resort so heavily landscaped we kept getting lost... they all found their way into the game".

Leisure Suit Larry III reverts in some way to the original's line in bad taste. Larry is basically the same sort of guy, his surroundings the same type of kitsch, and of course he is searching for the girl of his dreams, self-esteem and adventure.

Nontoonyt is a jungle island and holiday paradise. In the packaging there's a postcard to send to your nearest and dearest. The guide to the island is packed with hints and ideas for your holiday delectation.

You begin your adventure - as do all good holidaymakers - on Vista Point. The view will take your breath away. Fortunately for you, some visitor or holiday official has left binoculars which will allow you to search the island in further detail. In fact there are two pairs, both with educational views.

As a true tourist you shouldn't miss a visit to the sumptuous home of that pillar of society Larry Laffer. As you would expect, Mr. and Mrs. Laffer (yes, the Prince of Lounge Lizards did marry Princess Kalalau Laffer) live surrounded by the highest security - you should just look at the walls.

You won't get bored on the island, and with only one TV - and that in the middle of Walken Park - you'd better try some of the famous entertainments. If you can stand listening to Paul Paul at the Comedy Hut you may be rewarded, and the wood carving lessons on a Monday would be great if you had some of the famous granadilla wood.

What makes Larry III different is Patti. You can change role in mid-adventure and look at life and Larry with new eyes. Your female persona is looking for the one that got away, her perfect man. Larry is on the run from Patti, spies, mad scientists and the horror of another hour in Paul Paul's company.

The tongue-in-cheek stereotypes and liberal sprinkling of wit could not have been brought off without an excellent user interface, nice animation, tricky problems, puzzles and a totally complex and improbable plot.

Go on... treat yourself!

Jo Giles