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Lee Enfield: Space Ace
By Infogrames
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #30

Lee Enfield: Space Ace

Enfield? 'Ere., isn't he one off that Friday Night Live programme? Well no, actually. He a hero of the "New Age", whatever that may be, and also has the starring role in the latest game from across La Manche Space Ace.

What we're not told is how big his muscles are, or whether he wears a headband, so well have to assume that Lee's as beefy as these types usually are. Anyway, he'd have to be, 'cos he set out on a mission to rescue his old friend Bill from the clutches of some 22nd century nutter.

If I said "Prohibition" to you, you'd either look at me very strangely or you'd know exactly what was coming next. Yup, never one to waste a good (?) idea, Infogrames has resurrected that old number from its back-catalogue, moved it forward a couple of centuries and replaced the scenery with something a little more appropriate.

The hoodlums have now been exchanged for a range of astronautical types, some curious obese reptilian creatures (no offence, Phil), and some decidedly odd parrot-like things. All of these have to be ripped apart by your 22nd century machine gun, within a certain time limit. Screw up and you'll lose one of your six shields.

Unfortunately, this is all very reminiscent of one of those dreadful listings that used to appear in ZX81 mags. Whether you actually hit anything or not, is largely dependent on whether the scrolling area over which your sights roam, can scroll fast enough to find the target before your time runs out.

On easy levels this is no problem, and on my first go I got through all three stages, shooting the "magnetic meteor globe" between each one, without losing a life. At least, I think there are only three - after that everything stopped and the game certainly seemed to be over.

As usual, its the old story - nicely drawn graphics can never hide a complete lack of depth in a game, and after a couple of goes Space Ace will probably join the dirty underpants and scrunched up back issues of YS in the void under your bed.

If I were you I wouldn't touch it with a baguette.

Prohibition revisited - it's all too similar and not a fraction as stylish. Not recommended.

Jonathan Davies

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