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Learn To Play Guitar
By Lasersound
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #25

If you want to learn to play classical guitar, this is not the program for you because no instruction is given in playing individual notes. But it's OK if you want to accompany songs by learning chords.

A tune to accompany can be played and letters flash up at appropriate points in the lyric to denote the chords that should be played.

Finger positions for over 50 different chords are illustrated, if required, but no information on how to play chords is given. Nevertheless, this is an excellent reference.

Six different notes can be played for tuning, but no instruction in tuning is given. However, the correct "beep" values can be worked out from the Spectrum manual, so this is not a valuable option.

A conversion table is displayed but I was unable to decipher it and its importance was not explained.

I could not load the last option which should be a list of tunes.

With the exception of those on loading, the instructions and explanations are almost non-existant - which is appalling for an educational program.


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