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Leap Frog
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #4

Your task in this game is to hop across the road, avoiding the cars, on to the river bank, then across the river using the turtles and logs, into your home. Once you have mastered that, further dangers appear - snakes and frog-eating parrots - and things move faster!

Excellent colour, graphics and sound - I particularly liked the little tunes and the "squelch" effect. The controls are easy to master (Z/X for left/right, * for up and ? for down), and a simple theme makes this an addictive game which all my family enjoyed.

The initial skill level is right for a beginner, and it advances automatically each time a set of home bases are filled to become a fast, difficult game.

The cassette tells you how to load, all other instructions are prompts are via the screen and are good. My cassette, a prototype, needed a few attempts before it loaded, but IJK tells me that the production version is OK. Certainly in my experience all their othertapes have been "first time loaders".

A high score is kept and displayed. Players of this game should watch themselves carefully, and when they develop a craving for flies, give it a rest!