Computer Gamer

League Challenge

Publisher: Atlantis
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #27

League Challenge

Atlantis do produce some really ordinary games and this is one of them.

League Challenge is roughly in the mould of Football Manager and puts you at the bottom of division four with the team of your choice. Each division has sixteen teams and each team can have up to fifteen players in its squad.

All the usual buying and selling of players is catered for as are its strength and fitness. Your overdraft runs to £500,000; if this doesn't sound like much, I bought Ian Rush for £50,000.

League Challenge

A level of training can be chosen but there is little scope for twiddling around with the teams and the league runs pretty much to form - three points for a win, one for a draw. The top three teams go up and the bottom three go down.

The FA Cup is supported and works like a knock-out, complete with replays - though I got through five rounds whilst at the bottom of division two!

The graphical sequences are a joke, however, and just take up valuable time. The game itself is very slow because it is written in Basic.

Yet another disappointing game from Atlantis. With Codemasters, Mastertronic and Firebird also competing in the budget market, I'm beginning to think that this end of the market is becoming a bit crowded...