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Personal Compuer Games

By Sophisticated Games
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Personal Computer Games #7


United nil Spurs nil, 87 minutes gone, the game drifting towards a draw, then suddenly the crowd erupts as Robson slots it home to put United ahead. Now you can have exciting soccer action on your Vic 20.

You get two games with this tape: a short version (which has no game sound) and a long version which I found to be much better. Upon loading the game you are faced with a neat little title screen which you soon get tired of due to the length of this program.

When finally the tape counter grinds to a halt (a quick burst of When The Saints Go Marching In would have been nice here!) you are asked whether you have a printer connected or nut, and given the option of loading a saved game. It then goes on to ask you to 'define league' - you can enter up to 22 teams.

Something that annoyed me was you could only have five letters to make the name. Anyway, after wiping away the tears and inputting my teams I got into the game.

Features include a running commentary, roaring crowds and incident reports such as 'Hit the bar' and 'Claim for penalty'.

The sound was poor to say the least but I found that after a few minutes I could tell what was happening by the roar of the crowd.

That well-used computer freak's armchair could tremble with excitement as you live out your footballing fantasies.

All in all I liked the game very much, if only because it's a change from humdrum zap-'em-ups, or boring old text adventures.


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