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Le Mans
By Commodore
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #7

Le Mans

This is a copy of one of the earliest arcade video racing games, Monaco GP. It's a vertically scrolling 2D view-from-above game where the object is just to keep going as long as possible. You start the game with a time limit and the idea is to get to the next section before the time runs out. If you do then you get more time added on to allow you reach the next one.

There are plenty of cars on the track although they just career from one side of the track to the other. If you touch a car or the side of the track then you crash and lose time.

Your car has two gears and can only move from side to side so that very swift decisions have to be made when you're going along at top speed. As you progress you encounter more and more hazards, like the track getting incredibly thin, night (where you can only see a few carlengths in front of you) and icy roads.

The trouble with Le Mans nowadays is that it's hopelessly outdated by the likes of Pitstop II and Speed King. This sort of race game might have sold a while ago, but now at £14.95 it's just too expensive and too old.

Note: Play requires paddles (only)!

Julian Rignall