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Le Mans
By Electric

Published in Computer Gamer #4

Le Mans

A game for the Einstein is a rare thing and usually means that the game was developed on the Einstein for the MSX range of computers. The leader in this market are Electric software and it is they who have released Le Mans.

The game is, surprise surprise, about race cars specifically the large endurance type that take part in the 24 hour races. The display is of a driver's eye view of the cockpit of such a beast. This display features the most important gauge, the rev clock as well as a rather cute gear stick and a pair of wing mirrors. The idea is of course to win the race; this involves rather fact reactions to keep the car on the track. Control is left and right, accelerate and brake with the gears being changed automatically by the driver - his hand actually pops up and moves the stick.

The graphics are qute good while not stunning, giving good pictures of the other cars in the race, and sound is well covered as well. The game features a demo which brings me to the great failing of ths game; that is what the only way to see what lies around the next bend is to watch the demo mode. The game itself is too hard requiring immense skill just to stay in a straight line.

So, to sum up, a reasonable game but only for people with hyper-fast reactions!