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Lazy Jones
By Terminal

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

This is one of the better games to be converted from the Commodore. It will appeal to the arcade fan that enjoys variety.

The cassette inlay provides an amusing introduction telling how Lazy Jones tries to avoid work. He works in a hotel and has to deal with his manager and the ghost of his previous manager! There is also a trolley of cleaning equipment. The sight of this gives Jones a heart attack - the thought of all that work!

If he can avoid these he enters various rooms on three levels - there are 18 altogether - most of which contain a game. You have to accumulate points by scoring on these games. One or two rooms do contain surprises that make the game very entertaining.

The animation is excellent.

As Jones walks into a room it is filled with an enormous screen on which you play an arcade game. There are versions of breakout, scramble, invaders - all the old favourites - and one or two new versions like Cocktail Bar. Each is detailed but quite straightforward.

You can only enter a room once but if you survive all 18 then you start again with the increased difficulty.

Each time you play the rooms are relocated making it more interesting. You can also govern the difficulty by choosing the number of lives you have - anything up to nine. Control is with joystick or keyboard and very responsive.

Very enjoyable. The children found this very watchable and entertaining.