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Las Vegas
By Temptation
Spectrum 16K

Published in Sinclair User #22

Gambling without cash

Las Vegas

Temptation Software brings the bright lights of Las Vegas a little closer to home with two games on one cassette for the 16K Spectrum. Fruit Machine is a faithful replica of the familiar pub game, complete with spinning symbols and nudge, hold and cancel keys. You can collect or gamble and your score is bid out neatly at the side of the screen. Fruit Machine cannot claim originality, nor does it offer the thrills of gambling for money, but the graphics are excellent and, within its limits, the game is presented professionally.

Black Jack on the same tape is a version of the card game, Pontoon. You start with £10 and lose or win 10 pence at each tussle with the computer. True to the rules of any gambling den, the computer as the banker has the edge over the other player in case of a draw and you will probably see your winnings decrease steadily.

If you win a hand, you can choose to collect or try to double your stake. Black Jack does not hold the excitement of a genuine card game played for cash but the responses are fast and the challenge of trying to beat the computer is addictive.

The cassette insert explains the rules of both games clearly. Las Vegas is available from Temptation Software, 27 Cinque Ports Street, Rye, Sussex.

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