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LED Storm
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #114

LED Storm

Kixx claim that L.E.D. STORM is "The Ultimate Devastation Machine". Wowee Matt, git out the S.U. Mobile. Always ready for a real challenge Cap'n Sumpter decided to see what would happen when this unstoppable object was pitted against an immovable force (sic); The S.U. Crew.

Driving a futuristic vehicle through nine challenging race scenarios demands the sort of skill and concentration that Nigel Mansell only dreams about. These future zones known as The Capital, Netwood Forest, the Coral Sea, Big Cave Tunnel, Ruins Desert, Marine Snow Pipeway, Sky City, Thunder Road and Million Valley, feature a variety of landscapes and road conditions, all designed to kill. First impressions are that it's the roads, not the machines that are designed for 'Ultimate Devastation"

The race tracks consist of highways varying in width from wide to narrow with stationary or moving objects and obstacles. Solid ones such as brick walls and mines must naturally be avoided while collecting as many fuel tokens as possible. Try to shake off as soon as possible the rotten robots that hang on to your vehicle, known as "Manic Frogs" (I wonder why, they don't look foriegn..), they're really more like Klingons, they slow things down and you can't flush them off.

L. E. D. Storm

Controls are very straightforward which is of course the direction you should be going! Accelerate, slow down, right, left and jump are easily and precisely controlled by joystick or user defined keys. Less easy to access but darn useful for that extra bit of speed and manouverability is an option to change from car to motorcycle.

The jump feature is essential as it allows you to avoid obstacles, collect parachuting fuel canisters, and breach gaps in the road, but beware, if you jump at the wrong moment, ie. just before an unseen bend in the road you'll end up falling into an abyss or doing pancake impressions on a wall which inevitably results in being deaded dude! And that ain't nice. Fortunately under such circumstances you have a number of replacement vehicles which arrive conveniently on flying platforms. Simply jump off these and you are back in the race travelling at breakneck speed once again.

The graphics are quite detailed with busy but clear background screens, a smoothly scrolling main screen and a fast clear main sprite. The baddies and the goodies are also clear and this combined with the availability of precise control means that L.E.D. STORM is indeed a game of quick wits and fast reactions rather than one that relies on lady luck and prehistoric brawn. It's difficult to find too much wrong with L.E.D STORM, but... sound isn't really up to scratch, much better to play the game on a frosty morning while one of your lousy neighbours is warming up his 1978 Morris Marina (still going after six hundred and fifty five million miles you know!) which will give adequate background sound effects.

L. E. D. Storm

L.E.D. STORM is well worth a look, though I suspect many readers are already familiar with the game and don't need to be told this. It demands skill and concentration and is difficult to finish it might seem a bit repetitive at times but there's always competition and surprise around the next corner.

Label: Kixx Memory: 48K/128K Price: £2.99 Tape, N/A Disk Reviewer: Alan Dykes

Overall Summary

Futuristic racing re-release, packed with nerve wracking action and high speed pursuit. If you haven't got a driving licence yet then don't play this game, it could seriously reduce your chances of getting one. Recommended.

Alan Dykes

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