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Kwik Snax
By Codemasters
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #67

Kwik Snax

After Fast Food that eminent egghead Dizzy prepares for another dose of indigestion. This time he's got to rescue all the fluffles (tiny, furry creatures) held prisoner in Castle Vulture which comprises sixteen horizontally scrolling mazes. In each of these Dizzy has to catch all the wandering fluffles (after they hatch out from their eggs) and lead them to the exit - they follow him in single file, ducking fashion.

Of course, the grotesque denizens of the castle try to see it that Dizzy ends up with egg on his face. These, which remove a life on contact, include spiders which can crawl over the maze walls, and fireball-launching ghosts. The nasties can also pinch any of the fluffles following Dizzy, sending them flying into the air to land far away. Thankfully, before each level Dizzy can choose a weapon - up to three mallets, bombs, grenades or fireballs - to shoot nasties and destroy some of the gates which bar his way.

There are also plenty of bonuses to pick up, some for points and others for extra lives and weapons - there's even a magnet which brings all the fluffles immediately to Dizzy.

After completing a floor (four mazes) of the castle, Dizzy can earn extra points by catching objects in his butterfly net before they fall into the shark-infested moat. The bombs which also fall must be avoided! At the start of each game you can choose to start on the first, second or third floor, the latter two giving a huge points bonus to make up for the mazes missed.

Kwik Snax is a great little maze game, better presented (with a jolly in-game tune and okay, cutesy graphics) and much more playable than Fast Food. Chasing the sickenly cute fluffles, who have a (very stupid) mind of their own, around is great fun. And even when you catch them, leading a long time to the exit is a very tricky task (though well worth the bonus points). It's also a good idea that you can begin on the harder second or third floors, earning a compensatory courage bonus!

The bonus section is simple but great fun, eggs-actly like the game as a whole.