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Computer Gamer

Kung-Fu Master
By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #18

Kung Fu Master

Kung Fu Master is yet another martial arts game converted from the coin-op original that was in the arcades a year or so ago. The plot (as such) is to fight through the wizard's temple to rescue the beautiful maiden from his evil clutches. To do this you fight through five floors (levels).

These are horizontally scrolling, corridor-like arrangements with henchmen coming at you from both directions. Every now and then you get a specialist armed with a weapon, and at the end of each level there is a guardian to beat.

Controls are simple and you can kick and punch your way around to your heart's content. The graphics are all that could be expected from a machine that is as crude as a Spectrum is when compared to the coin-op original that the game was originally that the game was originally designed for. The music is likewise.

A small point about the graphics is that on the packaging. These are Commodore screenshots. Now, the Commodore version has quite acceptable graphics, whilst the Spectrum hasn't. This could lead some unwary Spectrum owners astray. I hope it doesn't.