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Krystals Of Zong
By Soft & Easy
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #4

Krystals Of Zong

What happens if you leave Pac-Man and an adventure hero together in a darkened room for a few hours? The chances are that, if they are at all friendly, they will end up spawning something along the lines of Krystals Of Zong - an 'arcade adventure'.

What this means is that you get a traditional arcade game with the addition of the treasure-gathering element from adventures. It also means that you usually get the worst of both worlds: a poor game and a dull adventure.

Krystals Of Zong, though, is different. It has excellent graphics and a number of winning features which lift it out of the rut of Pac-Man clones. Its arcade elements do not make for a strenuous test of intuition or intelligence, but do add to the fun of the game.

The treasures are to be found in rooms at the centre of mazes. The game has eight levels, each with nine rooms.

To enter the rooms you must find the key which corresponds to the colour of the maze. Since the keys are distributed randomly, this can take quite some time.

Guarding the treasures are snakes, hats, spiders and mummies. The snakes, in particular, are very fetching monsters. They undulate nastily and when they have devoured you they seem to sneer in a very supercilious fashion.


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