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Krazy Kong
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

The aim, of course, is to rescue Jane from the evil gorilla. To do this you must get to the top of four different screens and then Kong should fall - although I'll have to take PSS's word for that.

There are numerous hazards including barrels, which have the nasty habit of falling on you when you least expect it, plus fireballs, conveyor belts, flans, and what look like flying tin cans. There are lifts on the higher levels.

To cap it all, your bonus depends on the time you take - too long and you lose a life. Bonus points can be gained for picking up water buckets.

The animation of the man is excellent, the legs actually appear to move properly, it's even interesting just to watch him jump.

You can use a Kempston joystick or keys 1-5, which have been chosen for compatibility with Interface 2.

So far I've found it impossible to get past the second screen, although it has been done, so this shouldn't be a game that gets mastered too easily. Its difficulty could be offputting, though.


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