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Your Sinclair

By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #38


Now, this is a good deal better. When this originally came out. I gave it what might be described as a less than generous review, mainly because at the time I was completely obsessed with Arkanoid, which with its sequel remains undoubtedly the best of these Breakout variants.

Krakout, which was Gremlin's entry, turns everything 90 degrees so you're moving your bat from top to bottom and stopping the ball from leaving the screen on the right. It's got all the usual extras, although in this case you don't collect the capsules as they fly towards you. but simply have to hit the same square again. The graphics are a little basic, but it's eminently playable, and if you want some more bricks to batter, you could do far worse (Traz perchance?).

The uncommitted, though, should spend the extra and buy Arkanoid.

Marcus Berkmann

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