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Krak Out
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #61


This Breakout variant has dated very little - it's still as awful as when we first reviewed it in May 1987.

The player controls a bat to hit the ball which bounces around the play area, destroying coloured bricks. However, instead of the bat being at the base of the screen (as in most Breakout-type games), it's at the right-hand-side and is moved vertically to stop the ball leaving the screen. Some of the blocks need several hits to be destroyed, while others reveal a special letter, which if hit, activates a special feature. These include a double bat, an expanded bat and glue to make the ball stick to the bat.

Despite some useful options to change the speeds of the bat and ball, Krakout is severely lacking in addictive qualities - the layout of the screens is unimaginative and boredom soon sets in. At only two quid less than its original price (£4.99) it isn't recommended.

Phil King

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