Publisher: Anirog
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #26


Donkey Kong games are as vital to the games players library as Space Invaders and Pacman. Putting it bluntly, your collection ain't worth a dime unless you've got a tape with a crazy gorilla and cute Italian carpenter battling it out for the hand of a lady.

When buying classic games, it's important to get a good version.

Donkey Kong-type games are no exception to this rule and one new micro which will undoubtedly have several versions available is the Commodore 64.


One of the first of these games to come in for the C&VG gorilla-bashing test session is Anirog's Kong. The game scores highly on graphics making use of the C64's vivid colours - most arcade-like.

The high standards in graphics were unfortunately not matched in gameplay. It was very difficult to make Mario jump over the barrels and at various stages in the game the character refused to take running jumps!

The game makes good use of the C64's ability to create very smooth scrolling graphics - the movement of Mario and the ape being very smooth indeed.

It's a pity this smoothness of movement was not matched with more careful animation. This is at its worst in the running motion of Mario who hobbles along as if with a limp.

A reasonable version of the arcade hit although I couldn't help feeling it could have been a lot letter. In the shops now at £7.95.