ZX Computing

Konami's Golf

Publisher: Imagine
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #35

Konami's Golf

Konami's Golf is played over a course at the 'KCC' - the Konami Country Club. This rather grand title hides the fact that all we have here are nine holes and a competent but uninspired golf simulation.

All the basic features we've now come to expect are here, options for one player and two players (stroke and matchplay), choice of clubs from a bag of 13, an animated golfer whacking the ball off the tee and powermeter to adjust the length of shot.

The display design attempts to cram everything onto a single screen. The overall view of the fairway on which you choose the direction of the ball could just as well have been put on a separate scren, leaving more room for the main golfer's eye view screen display.

There are few factors to take into account when setting up your shot. You can choose to hook, slice or hit straight and the only external influence is wind speed and direction, which in practice, seemed to have a negligible effect on shots. When close to the green, the display shifts to an overhead view and factors such as slope and speed of the green come into play. These are fairly easy to compensate for and don't really add to the difficulty.

Konami's Golf is only worth shelling out money for if you are desperate to get a Golf simulation into your software collection but with only nine holes, its appeal may fall off very quickly.