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Konami's Golf
By Imagine
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #37

Konami's Golf

The sun has got his hat on, the birds are merrily flying around doing birdie type things and there's nothing like the taste of fresh air - so what is there left to do? Yes, that's right, ring your mates up 'cause the scene is perfect for a lovely leisurely round of golf.

Konami's Golf, as the name suggests, is a golf simulation that can be played by one or two players, either in a stroke or matchplay game. The stroke game s probably preferable for newcomers, as the scoring system is based on the total number of shots taken to complete the nine-hole course, instead of the traditional par system of scoring. In the matchplay format each hole is contested separately, and the winner is the first player to win five holes.

The playing screen is split into three separate sections, the largest of which is used to give the golfer's view of the hole to be played. At the bottom right a birdseye-view of the entire course is provided which also shows the flight of the ball after it has been struck. Above that, an information window gives an indication of the wind speed and direction, which hole you are attempting and its par, and the number of strokes already played.

First things first: you must choose the appropriate club for the length of the stroke you intend to play. A guide to the different uses for the clubs available is given in the inlay - choose from a selection of 13. Once a club is firmly in your grip, you must then decide whether to hook, slice or simply thwack the ball straight down the middle. Hook makes it swing to the left and Slice to the right. Once all that has been sorted out it's time to decide the power of the shot.

A horizontal bar at the base of the screen contracts and expands. The strength of shot is proportional to the length of the bar when the fire button is pressed. Relax and watch the flight of the ball in the overhead window . . . until it's time to start the process all over again.


Control keys: Q up, A down, 0 left, P right, SPACE fire
Joystick: Kempston, Interface 2
Use of colour: black players on green field
Graphics: not very detailed - functional rather than decorative
Sound: a little tune at the start
Skill levels: one
Screens: one


'Aagh! Another golf simulation; I can't stand It. Nobody In their right mind should want to produce Golf as an arcade game - it's like doing a fishing game (Okay - I know one's been done, that was boring too), or going to the library to see if they've got the latest Mills 'n' Boon - totally pointless. IMAGINE'S version of Konami's Golf is the most appealing golf game around on the Spectrum at the moment, but it still isn't worth more than three quid - and even at that price I wouldn't like it. Graphically it has to be said that this is quite good - a little green perhaps, but generally fairly well done.'


'Two golf games in one issue, at least one of them must be good - but alas no. Konami's Golf is certainly one of the most playable golf simulations around. It's very easy to get into. The graphics are well drawn, but in some places seem out of perspective. Sound is a bit scarce, but it doesn't matter in a game of this type. Konami's Golf contains stacks of little features that enhance it and make it much more than a 'hit and hope' program. One of the best golf simulations on the Spectrum.'


'Well, it's not all that bad. At first I was going to be really cruel to it, but, after a bit of perseverance it turned out to be almost enjoyable. The two-player mode is much more interesting, but boredom still sets in after a short while. The graphics aren't particularly good, and the whole thing seems to lack that certain something which would make it into a really fun game. If it was a cheapie, then maybe it'd be passable, but it's not, so it's not. Not incredibly amazing, but there ya go.'

Ben StonePaul SumnerMike Dunn

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