Kokotoni Wilf
By Encore
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #96

Kokotoni Wilf

Elite's historic first release, which tried to cash in on Jet Set Willy's platforming collect-'em-up craze, but didn't quite make it. What it entails is guiding the winged Wilf through umpteen multi-screen time zones, dodging dinosaurs with Alchzeimer's Disease, Vikings on a pillage, crazed pirates, etc, etc, and picking up cruciform mystery objects. Find them all and the time tunnel opens up to the next zone.

Wilf's graphics are feeble by today's standards, the music is appalling (a couple of non-tunes, and "Consider Yourself" from the musical version of the Oliver film (?) backing the action), but the gameplay is strangely compelling. Fine control of wobbly Wilf is all it boils down to, but the scenic variety keeps you playing at least until level four when frustration forces you to eat the cassette.


Ancient and ugly, but surprisingly good fun for an ancient, ugly sort of platform game.